How to Confuse a Wife…..Part 69 (3)…1

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well now, got another good one…..I advised a friend of mine and we pulled it off perfectly….I admit I didn’t have the balls to do it myself….so here goes….secretly sell 2 of your Harley Davidson motorcycles….do not let your wife know….then, kind of like Tony Soprano….pay for her holiday in Paris for 2 weeks because she is so over worked and mentally exhausted….then when she is gone, fly down to Las Vegas and immediately insist on full plastic surgery and lipo-suction so that you look like Michael Jackson…then, on the eve of your betrothed’s return climb into your bed, actually, your bed and your betrothed and when she walks in, after the taxi drive home, pull the covers back, turn on the light, hold out the champagne bottle and squeek out eek eek eek!  eek eek eek! I’m a new man now!  Then watch her face collapse in total confusion, then take pity on her and call the big guys with the white suits and white coats to drive her away… for the surgery….well, what can I say……you will have a hard road to hoe….yuck!  Peace Out, Andy from Canada….


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