Crazy Toronto Ontario Judge…Here We Go Again! Another one..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Today is 24 October, 2008 and once again in less than a week we have another crazy Ontario Judge….what are they doing in their back chambers?  Smoking up?  Now, today, just released in the news that a pervert was charged and convicted of kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault….and only got 15 years…..ok, let’s break it down again like I did in another post about Justice… called Justice…..first off, he losses the first five years off of his sentence because mandatory statuatory release (means you only serve 2/3 of your time), so now we are down to 10 years…then from there parole and good time (weekends count for double time) he’s going to do probably 3 to 4 at the top…..what a system eh?  and I talk as a ex-cop, who was falsely accused of violence and served time so trust me…..I know of what I speak…..anyways…..that Judge needs a check up from the neck up…..much disgust….Andy from Ottawa……


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