Stompin’ Tom Connors…Please Believe Me, You’re not Forgotten..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Stompin’ Tom, trust me, I’m long in tooth now, 53 years old, but, believe it or not through radio CBC and records (33 1/3) I remember you well my friend….I grew up listening to your beautiful songs….just as much as you were competing with Gordon Lightfoot….and between the two of you….as far as I am concerned, you made the two of you I might add made Canadian music cool, forget all the other light weights….in my mind it’ll always be you Stompin’ Tom…and yes, you have to admit yourself, Gord…All my love, all my respect as a man, and as a proud Canadian myself, like you…..Andy from Ottawa….RSVP, if you wish….I’ll be proud


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