How to Confuse a Wife – Part 69 (5)

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I am so glad that people are sharing and enjoying and participating in all of these gems of wisdom… here we go…..

1.  Spray your wife’s rollers over and over with Nair and put them back away really fast….p.s. if you don’t know what Nair is, it is a hair remover for our wives….

2.  Dilute your wife’s nail polish and put it away really fast, then watch days later, when she goes to apply it…on her nails, I hope… how confused she looks….

3.  Talking about nail polish….acquire on your own, some clear nail polish or other such feminine product and apply it in the centre of her glasses….both sides….watch and now see how really confused she looks….what a laugh….

4.  Apply very very thin layers of vaseline inside all of her shoes… when she puts them on…..and takes that first step….oh how confused she looks…

5.  I do not dare write any more, my wife who is the only one between the two of us who can use the computer is very confused and is now on strike…


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