Ahhh…poor Baby…430 lbs inmate released early…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Jumping Critters…..my wife made me be polite……in Ontario Canada I believe…..they released a 430 lbs inmate early because of his discomfort in jail…..well, knowing jail food myself, it’s crappy and it is very very conducive to losing weight of this I know from experience because I lost over 20 lbs in one year……but thank God it was the fat and not the muscle….so, poor baby Huey shoulda stayed in much longer…..so, as for myself, I always laughingly referred to my time as my own private BETTY FORD CLINIC because for that year I didn’t eat no where near what I used to or liked, like I always did and alas I even was deprived of one of the major food groups….meaning wine….Peace Out, Andy from Canada…..


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