Barack Obama Beware of Hilary!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Brother Barack, as Shakespear said, Hell hathno fury, like a woman scorned….or, defeated in a Democratic process….Do not lie with the enemy because you’ll be full of fleas…and probably have an intrusionaryobject in your back….lie with the Clinton…..brrrrrrr……that is too scarey Man…..check out Bill Richardson of New Mexico, he deserves prominence in your staff and he would bring alot of knowledge, wisdom, experience and promise and Bill is a straight shooter…..he would never stab you in the back…..Best to you Brother Barack… I promised months upon months ago, I knew you were going to win and on the 20th of January, I’m going to have an expensive bottle of fine red Spanish wine and a Cuban cigar……as I watch on television via CNN your inauguration and I am going to sit back very smugly and celebrate….Bless you Brother, Yours truly, Andy from Canada


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