How to Confuse a Wife – Part 69 (8)

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, for the first time in your life you bought a Psychology Today magazine and you are reading it on the bus home to be with your beloved betrothed….then you get an idea… here’s how it goes….you walk through the door all smart and pompous like and say to your wife “I have a brilliant psychological questionaire that I invented myself….may I ask you only 3 questions?”… how confused your wife is starting to look….then you ask, in this order:

1.  What is your favourite animal?….

2.  What is your second most favourite animal?….

3.  What is your third most favourite animal?…..

Now, watch how tentative and then more confused that your wife looks, she is probably thinking you went to some sensitivity and women’s liberation classes and she is very confused….because Al Bundy and Archie Bunker’s blood runs through your veins… very tentatively your wife replies….well my first favourite animal is a vampire bat….my second favourite animal is a fruit bat and then your wife breaks out laughing and teeheehees and chuckles away and whispers and my third favourite animal is a dingbat….then your as the Lord of your house and the Lord of knowledge and an expert in psychology because you bought that one magazine….usher your lovely wife into a chair and then explain to her…

1.  your first favourite animal is how you wish others see you and your chose to be a vampire bat….

2.  your second choice is how others perceive you….and you chose a fruit bat…..

3.  your third choice is how you really are…..and you chose a dingbat……

Well, watch how confused your wife looks now….but, by all means especially if you are drinking a beer at this time….laugh because the beer bottle will be smashed over your head….but she will still look confused…..tried and true…proven and hilarious…..Andy from Canada….


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