Starbucks…You Don’t Fool Us You Losers!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well now Dear Readers, we have been watching Starbucks or should  I say StarF**ks imploding because of their overly exaggerated egos and prices…now, after lossing some 250 outlets all of a sudden their splashing millions in advertisement on television and that they are aligned with (RED) and that 5 cents of every coffee they sell will be donated to Africa…well….Dear Readers, does that not remind you of a drowning person’s promise to the Lord, if you save me, if you save, if you save me….Starbucks you suck….you deserve what your own ego and prices have wrought….laughing Andy from Canada…..oh p.s. 5 cents on a $3.00 frappo/mappo/sappo/coolio whatcha ma callit coffee?  you’re nuts!


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