What the Hell….One Fattie Only Gets Convicted On 3 Out of 4 Counts of Misdemeanor

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, my title could not squeeze all that it should have been….how can one fattie, with the assistance of another fattie (not charged yet) be charged and convicted only on 3 out of 4 charges of terrorizing and leading to the suicide of a thirteen year old girl….the main fattie, who is 49 years old took on the blog identity of a pseudo 16 year old guy or something….and then fattie drove the girl to suicide and she only gets convicted on 3 counts of a misdemeanor which only gets fattie 6 months a piece and $100 fine….nice deal…..myself as a man, I am going to put on another 200 pounds terrorize some Canadian Politicians who have pissed me off lately….God I am disgusted to be in this world….as a 53 year old who refuses to be treated for colon cancer I just cannot believe how callous the USA justice system is….that fattie should be convicted on felony charges and her fat ass squeezed into a dungeon cell….Angry Andy….


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