To all my Barack Friends…Saw a Cool Movie that made me think of him!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers and Friends, just earlier this week I watched a beautiful movie that was so poignant even by today’s standards…it was a movie called, “Gabriel Over the White House” circa 1933… was about a thief and corrupt person running for president who won….OBVIOUSLY NOT BARACK!….and the Angel Gabriel transformed him into an honest man who tried single handedly to end depression era suffering of his peoples….what I came away with was that other than FDR, Truman and JFK there has been no Gabriel in the White House or over the White House but now you Americans finally have your chance again…..I envy you as a Canadian because we have not had a Gabriel over our Parliment Hill…..same as your White House since our beloved and nobel Pierre Elliott Trudeau….I envy you Brother Americans….God Bless you all and your Country….and your Nobel Warriors overseas, one and all of them….yours Andy from Canada….


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