Police Shooting Today…the 21st of December in Toronto…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

At exactly 5:21 p.m. 21 st of December, 2008, I saw on the Roger’s Cablevision News Blurb…..a cop shot somebody who was throwing stuff from an apartment balcony….hello cops….have you ever heard of duck and cover and go around to the back….and up the stairs….I was driven out of my Policing career because I beat up a boxer who it took 4 people to arrest and handcuff him….and I took him one on one when I uncuffed him in jail….boy oh boy…you better hope that that guy you shot was throwing down rattlesnakes and phrianas, knives and daggers and whole lot of shit….best of luck to the copper….brothers stick together….except for in my case here in Ottawa because in Ottawa, me and a whole lot of people were safer on the street than in a police station….where we would be stabbed in the back….so good luck copper….best to you …Merry Christmas….Andy from Ottawa….rsvp if you want…


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