Tom Cruise Playing Stauffenburg (a real hero?)

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, if you are out there reading this….me, as a 53 year old university educated person who read cover to cover anything I could find as I was growing up about WWII and especially my Hero of all time, Sir Winston Churchill, I am astonished, even though I know it is a stupid movie play that a faggy sawed off runt of an actor and a pretty boy at that is playing the hero Stauffenburg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have, if I was a director, in a New York second slammed Patrick Swayze….he would have been perfect….I rest my case…I need say no more….I’m sure a lot of you will agree….that pretty boys can never play or pretend to play heros and men…but Swayze could have carried it off in a nanosecond….and be believeable….and credible anyways….Peace Out, Merry Christmas…don’t drink and drive for God’s sake….Love, Andy from Canada….


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