USA are you crazy? Letting the Iraqis rule over your troops?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, ok, I know you are going to turn the country over to your so called new found ally…….yuck…..but in the meantime, you are going to let them rule by their law over your troops?  Get the hell out of there right away!  If I were an American Soldier, knowing what I know, I would be AWOL ASAP no RSVP….thank you very much!  This is ridiculous….do you know that CNN, the station I live and breathe on…doesn’t even bother with the body count of our and your Heros….I think something smells in Washington, Baghdad, Syria and Iran… don’t even acknowledge your losses anymore?  You don’t even want or would have the power to protect your own citizens from frivilous or downright dastardly false accusations….I don’t get it at all…..if you are going to turn all that power to them, then you get the hell out for your own safety……all power to USA, Andy from Canada….


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