Proportionality vis a vis Israel…vs….Hamas?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, ok, I get it, everybody is afraid of the strongest man…..even though sometimes that man is a righteous man…..that is what I would refer to as Israel…..then you got these sneaky disgusting terrorists who are experts at using their own people as human shields…then they cry, where is the proportionality of our losses compared to theirs?  They never say we are the idiots that did it and started it (Rodney King ring a bell) and remember too since the 1950s no country in the Arab land wanted those people…..rabblerousers, terrorists, thieves, ingrates, even King Hussein (the late one) kicked them out of Jordan in the 1970s launching the rabblerousers Black September movement….heard it just today on CNN from Queen Noor, Hussein’s widow, which confirmed what I have know for many years….where are the so called brothers in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia for example, who could well afford to help Gaza… where to be found…..they hate them or dispise them too……so anyways, as the rockets continue to slam Israel….as they have for decades…now the Tiger whose tail has been bitten time and time again, has finally slashed back….remember USAs response to 911?  Afghanistan almost got blown off the face of this world…..and people understood… Press, Media, and people, same set of rules and standards apply….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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