USA…I guess hunting season is open again…ALA…Jim Crow

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Honest to God Dear Readers, I’m trying wrap my head around 2 stories out of the USA in the past 2 days….first off I will say I am a Canadian ex-cop who was paid to leave the force after I KO’d an ex-boxer, was acquitted, but was still paid to leave…….in Oakland California three or four cops were hunkered over a prostrate on the ground person and one cop will probably swear in court he confused his taser gun with his service gun….bam one goes down…

Now yesterday, the glorious and above reproach and totally honest New Orleans police department fire off 44 rounds hitting one person 22 times in his back…a person who had never had any previous contacts with the police….God….as much as I love the USA, I wouldn’t want to be policed by you guys…..I would fear for my children, grandchildren, and even for myself….because even though I am a sympathic ex-cop, I’m still scarry looking, and anything would be an excuse for trigger happy neo-racists who have been hired and disguising themselves as American cops….we all know wrong when we see….smell it….and seeing it being hidden away….Peace Out, you guys need it in your country, states and cities…Andy from Canada….


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