Fred Sprunt the Fruit Bat…He can be your friend…if you believe…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Friends, you know the little ones, that are half the size of the adults but wayyyyyyyyyyy more intelligent and imaginative….do you know what I saw yesterday friends?  even in the cold winter….I saw my old friend Fred Sprunt, the fruit bat…yes, he is a bat..and that is that and he was flying all over my window trying to get in….and not to get warm or so he told me, but he wanted to eat some fruit that I had just bought from the store….so I told him….hold on a minute….and I picked a banana and two tangerines and went back to the window and opened it….well………..was he a happy Bat…..and a Fruit Bat no less…..well………he took one tangerine in each of his claws and he grabbed the banana in the middle and flew off saying thank you thank you thank you…in bat talk….which I do speak because I’ve been married over 30 years….so I know bat talk real well…..mind you the dialect of wife bat talk and fruit bat talk differs a little bit…..ask your Dad, he’ll understand…, Fred Sprunt, I guess went back to South America for the winter and I’ll see him in a couple of months….and as for you Dear Readers, always watch your window to see if a magical fruit bat goes Chee Peep Chee Peep and you’ll know he wants fruit from you….yours, Andy from Ottawa


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