Nancy Grace…You had to do it again, eh?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Nancy Nancy Nancy, do you read any of your blogs or get aprised of them?  What was yesterday (21 January, 2009) all about?  Your kids for almost 3 minutes, probably over?  Nancy, your kids are not the story on your show…and as a matter of fact it is not even your show it just has your name on it…..until you are replaced by a younger blonde….coming soon Dear….like I said before….on your format of your particular program / show the news is the star, and should remain so… are the celebrity / hostess / facilitator……try and keep that in mind….your children are your private life and any celebrity, especially in these times, generally knows that and goes to the ends of the earth to protect their privacy…..but your ego is too big I guess….anyways,,,,,,please, please, remember it’s only the old bags (female) who call in and incidently as an aside comment on your kids to ingratiate themselves with you….the rest of us, couldn’t care a road apple’s minute….yours, Andy from Canada


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One response to “Nancy Grace…You had to do it again, eh?

  1. michellefrommadison

    Nancy Grace gets confused on facts, she simply doesn’t get it.

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