Starbucks! Heard the hubris bleeding continues…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Starbucks, just caught it on CNN….5:22 p.m. EST the 28 January, 2009…your way over priced, way over yuppified, way over grandiose, way over the top business so called empire….has just bled another 6,700 jobs, remember what I told you months and months ago?….that little story of me going into a mall, stopping off at one of your franchises, finding out a single Espresso was almost $3.00 (CDN) and walked away, drove to little Italy, after I was finished shopping and was enjoying a $1.00 (CDN) real Espresso….remember that message?  I guess I’m not the only wise one…..or the only one who got wise to you goofs…serve you right….rot like fish on a Seattle beach….Andy from Canada…you did it to yourselves and your egos….


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