Israel Being Blamed Again Eh?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Israel, how can you ever win?  In a world full of anti-semites, politically correct supine canines…..

1.  Turkey – condemns you over Gaza…..Turkey?  Weren’t they responsible for the 20th Century first holocaust of over 4-6 million Armenians?  Yes they were.  Shame on them.

2.  Spain – condemns you over Gaza…..Spain?  Weren’t they responsible for a century long Inquistion that murdered untold numbers of millions….Jews, Muslims, Non-Catholics, peoples of the New World, they were discovering….and on and on and on…….

Israel, you have no dirty hands!  You never did… never will, because you were formed on the mantle of humanity and humility of understanding humankind….for better and for worse…..yours, your friend, Andy from Canada…..


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