To all my Skittles Fans!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hey Fans!  Do you want to frazzle and frizzle your cat?  He’ll get very confused but he’ll love it!  What you do is first buy a feather duster, you know the type for dusting furniture…..I highly recommend, not the feathers first duster but the long very very thin nylon fiber static duster….it’s about 2 1/2 feet long and multi-coloured…, while you are watching TV..just twirl it around in your hands and watch your cat start to jump for it….then the cat himself will declare war on it and buck it and buck it with his back paws and try to steal it from you….then, what you do is you rub the whole cats body all over with that duster and watch all the static electricity build up in his fur until he looks like he’s twice his size  because of the static electricity all his fur is standing on end….then, ever so delicately touch his nose and zap…you and him are bonded…..with the little zap of energy!  Trust me they always come back for more….God I love Cats!  I hope you do too!  They are the best of the best!  All the best to you, Meow out!  Andy from Ottawa….


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