How to Confuse a Wife! Part 69 (10)!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers and Friends, I am so glad to be back….have I got a real confuse a wife story for you….remember in the middle ages when doctors, well actually there were no doctors…they were barbers…that’s why the striped blue and white poles outside their business….anyways…..back in the middle ages they only considered two things…if you were healthy, you had good “humours” in your blood, and if you were sick, you had bad “humours” in your blood….and the solution was to attach leaches to suck out the sick bad humours in your blood….then you would be well….well one night I snuck out of the house and went to my old Alta Mater and borrowed 2 leaches when no one was looking…..and then I snuck back into the house when my wife was asleep…..well Dear Readers, I snuck into her bedroom, her feet were sticking out from the blankets and I attached one leach on each of her big toes….the next morning she woke up beautifully and radiantly happy but very very confused….teeheehee…yours, Andy from Canada….


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