Oh Help My Burning Eyes…Degeneres for Olay!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, my eyes just got zapped and so did the back of my brain at exactly 8:12 p.m. February 09, 2009, Channel 55 the History Channel, for some unknown reason, they showed the new Ellen Degenerate ad with her promoting Oil of Olay….oh, it was sickening my friends…..I had to drop four Tums and shake my head to realize that it is just another ad persuasion joke being foisted on all of us…..we all know that Ellen has got bad skin, a shaved topped mullet (which she hides under a wig) flannel shirts, oversized jeans and construction boots…..once I remembered that reality I said oh phewwwww!!!!!!!anyways, just a thought…Andy from Canada…


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