Nancy Grace…you had to do it again…how many times is this now? 24, 25..?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy….how come everytime the show is about missing children, and unfortunately tonight it’s about Hailey from Florida again….and once again at 8:39 p.m. 12 February, 2009 you had to interject again with your twins photos…why don’t you buy your own channel and run pictures of you and them non-stop and fill your ego that way…..and Nancy, a personal note here…’s not about the twins, but there is a time and place for everything….and especially when the last two children from Florida went missing and one is Callie and the other is still missing….I think it is in bad taste for you to beat your drums about your twins….I find that appalling…yours Andy from Canada….


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