Canadians, Might as Well Get Used to It…We’re getting the garbage from Gitmo!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Canadians, let me begin with one premise…suppose that Olson creep, who is serving life in British Columbia for all those rapes and murders of mainly boys had been caught doing the same thing overseas…..would we want him here, to do his time? 

Now, same thing and same premise concerning one piece of garbage in Gitmo who is Canadian and I don’t give a damn if he is a teenager, he’s still a successful warrior / terrorist…….because he was caught fighting on the wrong side… obviously by my previous sentence, I feel something for him…..however, in their endeavour, a rushed one I might add, to fulfill a Presidential promise, all the world is supposed to divide up the terrorists and spread them across the various jails and prisons across the world…..(except Yemen – 6 have already gone free immediately!)….Australia was smart….they said from the off set NO WAY JOSE!   and we in Canada are expected to share in this delight of the company of 6 to 10 garbage of humanity…now God help us if this goes down!  and, if Harper lets this happen, he better be wearing a seat belt and a shoulder harness on his parlimentary seat….that’s all I have to say….Andy from Canada…



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2 responses to “Canadians, Might as Well Get Used to It…We’re getting the garbage from Gitmo!

  1. llabesab

    By ordering the closing of Gitmo “before” deciding what to do with the terrorists (oops. A politically un-correct word. It should be “..Fighters against the tyranny from the West and all non-Islamic areas”).

    As a former NYC Commissioner of Sanitation once said, “…You can’t begin to collect the garbage unless you have first decided where to put it.”

    But to the Annointed One, style always trumps substance.

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear Brother,
      As you may have noticed, my second paragraph, I indicated on purpose Warrior / terrorist because he was fighting on the wrong side….and that obviously I felt for him….it may interest you to know, I am a Muslim and my chosen name is Saifullah (and you know what that means)….so, trust me Brother….I only dispise those who bring disrepute and international shame for their egregious outrages on our beautiful faith…..Peace be with you Brother…..Saifullah…from Canada

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