“The View” You Really Screwed Up Today!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To the Ladies of the View, You, today, Monday, March 02 , 2009, really screwed up big time….I’ve been a fan of yours, never missed a show, ask my wife…..when you had T. Boone Pickens on today, you treated him so shabbily and dismissively.  How could that be?  Why?  Would you be the same way with “The Donald”, Warren Buffit or Bill Gates?  Yeah probably you would!  You gals go ga-ga over Rob Lowe (porno fame)…and every alchoholic, drug addicted, morally disfunctional, ego-maniac in Hollywood….I am so surprised, and disappointed in all of you….you finally have a brilliant mind on and as I said you treated him so dismissively….Disappointed Andy in Ottawa, Canada

p.s. I’ll add this to this message because it concerns Hollywood and politics…..caught the Rush Limbaugh speech the other night….listened to the whole thing…always knew he was a blowhard…but man oh man, I never knew he is a very very very intelligent blowhard…..GOP be on your guard!!!


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