Once I Cared…No More..No Way..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As my title says, Once I cared…No More…No Way…..and to that I refer to the Gaza situation…..I freely admit, I was always pro-Israel…and knew that they only fight in self defence and when provacated….well, after the last incursion into Gaza and those wretched Hamas whatevers (I am self censoring myself here) you would think they learned their lesson….within 2 days after the Israeli pull back…that they would have learned their lesson….what happens within 2 days?  More rockets into Israel…..and as of late….dozens upon dozens of more rockets into Israel….of course the U.N. and all of Europe (EU) and the rest of the world, save Canada, are going to condemn the Israelis…..however, Israel of course has no choice but to respond again….much like an annoying pebble in your shoe….after awhile you notice it….then it hurts….then you cannot stop thinking about it….then you take off your shoe and slam it hard against the wall to remove the pebble….Israel….remove your pebble for once and for all….remember, nobody wants them…no more…no way….does Jordan want them?  no!  does Saudi Arabia want them?  no!  does Syria want them?  no!  does Lebanon want them?  no!  Do they want peace for once and for all of the trouble they have caused?  NO! How can you fight a sworn to death cult!  and that is all they are…sworn to death…in an ignorant culture of death….and to think when you read their Holy Book…it is in many many places a beautiful book…what a waste…anyways…Brothers and Sisters of Israel…Once I cared (about them….years ago….) but no more….no way!  Andy from Canada….Shalom!


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