Nancy Grace, Did it Again eh!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy….when you will you ever Stop!  Have you no Shame, that you flaunt your life when other people are suffering…last night for example, I forced myself to watch the entirety of your show and of course it turned obnoxious again….you were originally reporting on the Florida double tragedy and there you went again a three to four minute meandering about your kids on an Easter egg hunt…Nancy, I have nothing against your children, God knows, but, why oh why do you have to interject them to feed your ego….like I said many times before on this format, get your own 24 hour 7 day a week show of just you and the twins….your so called fans who apparently call in requesting this edifying of your ego will be more than happy and the rest of us will be relieved so that we can watch your show… do have a good show….you are a good newscaster…but, you do not own the show, we do by our Nielson ratings and so do your Producers and Sponsers if they get enough messages like mine….enough already! enough! enough!  your friend, Andy from Canada…..



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5 responses to “Nancy Grace, Did it Again eh!

  1. michellefrommadison

    Did Nancy forget to mention that her twinds are from two different fathers and neither of those twins are from her husband? Nancy forgets to mention facts like that. She truly is a disgrace.

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear Michelle,
      Yes, I too agree, obviously, that Nancy Grace’s so called miracle births are a farce….have you ever seen her husband? I thought with Nancy Grace’s, and I have to admit, good looks and obvious money and smarts, would have had a real Ashton Kutcher type….you know, younger man, good looking….very potent…so, the Old Man with his chrome dome has to sit by while NG extolls and ruins her show by constantly bringing up the miraculous births of her test tube babies….while she is covering the two Florida outrages! by that I mean, the Anthony child and the still missing other child…so, what can we do Michelle? Nielson ratings has yet to call me….I hope they call you….and edify them on what we and many many others must be thinking….yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…

  2. michellefrommadison

    Those kids she had implanted into herself as what many experts have referred to as Damage Control. If you research the time-line, Nancy was seen on the floor of the Judge’s office pleading with the assigned Judge to dismiss the cases (lawsuits) filed against her in her role of being a part of th case where Nancy is claimed to be a reason for a suicide of Melinda Duckett. Nancy lost that motion and the Judge ruled against Nancy’s claim that if those lawsuits were not dismissed, it would severely chill the media to cover stories in the future. That’s the same timeframe that CNN began to mandate Nancy to treatment for her alcohol and drug usage. It is not coincidental, and there are allegations that her husband was actually hired by Nancy to marry in her strategy to gain some sympathy from prospective jurors in her lawsuit cases. It is highly probable that if Nancy did not badger an emotionally-dystraugh young mother of a missing child to suicide, that Nancy would not be married, nor have two kids from two different fathers inserted which are not even her husbands. 😦

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear Michelle,
      You sure know your stuff….I remember that very well too….and I still remember what the poor woman looked like….Please watch like I do and you do too and let’s compare notes…..Andy from Ottawa

  3. michellefrommadison

    My hope is that while Nancy Grace is still allowed on television, that she doesn’t again help to end the life of another non-convicted victim of a crime.

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