President Obama…you got the international goodwill….run with it!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

President Obama, I knew you were going to win and as I promised myself and you, as the results were coming in, I uncorked an expensive Spanish Red wine and enjoyed it with a fine Cuban cigar….so, now you are into your 71st day of Presidency and from what I have discerned from the CNN and my own common sense, it will be not too tricky or hard for that matter to enter into dialogue with the Republic of Iran…they are no fools as you know….and they know an opportunity that comes knocking as you extended your hand first….so in closing, the world is watching, hoping and yes, is on your shoulders….you can bring it home (silly little sports expression) and defuse one of the last tempermental explosive situations in the world…Godspeed President…..Andy from Canada….


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