Dear Sandra Cantu…you deserved so much better

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Sandra and your family, and any child victim’s family, you all deserve much more than can ever be metted out in court…as we all know even the murder of children falls under state law….and the few states, because they are getting fewer all the time, that do have state death penalties pretty much assures the guilty of a long protected from other inmates life….what I would suggest is if any person whose DNA conclusively links him/her to any murdered child should irregardlessly be subjected to an automatic federal sentence based on depriving the child victim of his / her right to life, liberty, and freedom….then, the killers should all be removed  to one federal institution (ie. the old days when Alcatraz was a buzzing)….and summarily executed under federal law….that would be the ultimate rocket docket….that way there would be no escaping the ultimate punishment because state laws are secondary compared to the one that trumps all….federal law….let us see if the politicians would have the guts to ponder on that one…..I am sure every citizen, victim, victim’s family members, police, and right thinking person would have to agree…..some criminals do indeed deserve their just desserts….angry Andy from Canada….


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