How to Confuse a Wife … Part 69 (11)

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Welcome back my friends to the life history that never ends….we are married, some with children, and therefore we are with wives…..

To really confuse a wife….i.e. Part 69 (11)….I imitated the new lesbian Ellen Degeneres ad for Olay for women….that in itself is a joke….anyways, the other day I straddled my 3 foot by 6 foot glass livingroom coffee table and I screeched out loud the ending of Ellen Degeneres’ new ad… know…the one….where the ending goes…”Awwoooooohhhhhh” …. I guess that’s the sound lesbian’s make….I was very edified….and killed myself laughing when my wife slammed the outside door…..Andy from Ottawa Canada….


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