Constable Perry Dunlop…Where the Hell is the Apology he Deserves?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Like my title says, where oh where, is the apology richly deserved by that poor cop, Perry Dunlop of the Cornwall PD who blasted open the massive and repugnant cover up of all the mason ring wearers and clergy collared pedophiles in the very city he was sworn to protect and serve?  The last I heard of Perry, and I think I can call him Perry, because I lost my job as a cop upholding the law, but the powers were against me also…………..he is now living on the West Coast and I am sure he has lost a lot of money, pension, and friends…..but, I remember!!! and from time to time I will continue to pound out blog posts to remind everybody…..I pound out in all categories, much less the news…..across Canada and yes, the USA….so Perry, my brother, keep hanging in….much respect….Andy from Ottawa….


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