Kenyan Women On Sex Strike…Cool!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I saw on CNN today the 29th of April, 2009, that Kenyan Women are going on a sex strike with their husbands and boyfriends to oppose political fighting in their country.  Myself, I think that is real cool!  I propose that all men around the world should go on a sex strike to oppose family and wife fighting….let them suffer for once!!!!!!!!  Now p.s. after Perez Hilton’s hissy and faggy fit about Miss California, I sent him a very honest and clear message that even a queer like him would understand and the so called faggy king of bloggers never responded to me for the past 2 days….so….what do you think about that Ladies and Gentlemen?  The big queen can’t and won’t respond to a straight question from a straight man…..I guess he is like a supercillious faggy scorpion that lies in waiting for the weak, but his stinger is up his ass pleasuring himself….peace out, Andy


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