Adrienne Clarkson is not impressed with our new Governor General?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Just caught on the news today that that imperious Adrienne Clarkson, you know, the one who used to be that pompous ass of a Governor General, married to that poofster John Ralston Saul or whatever the combination of monikers are….that she is not impressed with our new refreshing beautiful and dignified Governor General Mme Jean for partaking in the Inuit tradition of sharing a slice of seal meat….what’s the difference Adrienne?  you’re eating a lot of crow because people always dispised you and your pomposity and now we have a beautiful breath of fresh air who has the proper common touch as all Governor Generals should (does George Vanier or Ed Schyer come to mind Adrienne?)…..eating seal meat is no more outrageous than any food that is in any meat market shelves….oh by the way Adrienne….aren’t people from your ancestery still eating dogs and rats as a delicacy?  Respectfully yours, Andy from Ottawa


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