Eminen versus Borat?!?!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok I’m a guy from Canada, 54 years young and I look over 10 years younger than I am….I’m an ex-cop, rode Harley Davidson’s with the bad boys….bounced at the toughest bars….but I was never a homophobe….do you know what a homophobe is?  like Shakespeare himself wrote “me think the man doth protest too much”…..that is to say, why the fuck would Eminen freak out over a stunt like that….he must be a closet Queen himself….even though I love his music and used to respect the man….his over reaction must speak volumns about his own sexuality…..any other well adjusted hetrosexual guy, myself included would have burst out laughing…..and just for the fun of it….if I had enough martinis in my gut, I probably would have kissed the check of his ass for a good joke….Eminen, Grow up!  Much respect to the funny guy….less respect for Eminen….he’s no macho man…he must be hiding in the closet somewhere…..trust me, as an ex-cop I know these types…..p.s. I even did time and once again I say, I know these types….the loud mouths, homophobes, are in the closet…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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