Susan Boyle – Dear Bonnie Susan Boyle – you were robbed!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Susan, as my title says, you were robbed and everybody in the world knows it….do not despair, like I said, everybody knows it…imagine, a voice from heaven singing to heaven and all the unknown beautiful spirits above us, you brought that to us….and for that I, myself thank you….and as for the judges….well….to be polite let us say they must have been hallucinating….so as one Scot to another….and a bonnie Scot you are, please RSVP and please make sure I am added to your fan list and get all of your undoubtedly future CDs personally autographed by you… all sincerity…my love, admiration and Scottish loyalty….Andrew James Murdoch Stephen from Ottawa, Canada….XXX


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