So they burned down the topless coffee bar eh?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Like my title says they burned down that newly opened (two months I think?) topless coffee bar in Carolina somewhere in the USA….what is going on with you guys in the United States?  Anyways…..your extreme right wing evangalistic moralizing morons have gotten way out of control….I mean murdering abortion doctors, oh and by the way, I am against abortions myself…I could never espouse murdering an abortion doctor when women have the freedom to choose….I really think the right wing nutbars should incorporate their own uninhabited island somewhere so they could be the master race, prance around jack boot marching wearing nazi regalia and sodomizing each other at will and at want… all starts out with arson, remember hitler when he started?  then it goes to murder…..then it goes to slaughter…then it goes to war….remember hitler I say again….so, think again red neck boys….or come up to Canada and meet our boys….and watch your tails go between your legs….in a fucking New York second….you fucking cowards one and all….respectfully (lol) Andy from Ottawa, Canada…. 


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