David Carradine! We are going to miss you!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

David, oh David, we are going to miss you, you beautiful soul….Eastern philosophy trained and disciplined….and thus to me personally, well understood….even your suicide perfectly well David….trust me I know….and as for the rest of the world they are going to miss you too for your talent, for your achievements, and probably for your famous name.  Now coming back to me David, as somebody who understands your philosophy I always knew you well…even 30 odd years ago when you were in Kung Fu show…your sad eyes were not an act….I knew that right away…because I was a policeman at that time…with psychology / university education….I knew you were a sad soul….and then when you played that Woody Guthry biopic movie, I forget the name right now….but you played it so well and the eyes were the same…that is why long before today, the day of your passing that that movie is one of my top 5 all time favourites…..who could have done it better?  Much Love David, Godspeed you on your journey….whatever God you call him by….myself, my God is Allah….but it is still the same God, because God is infinite and invisible….God David I am going to miss you….Much Respect and Admiration to your long career, and hope your suffering is over for once and all….Andy from Ottawa, Canada.


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