Miss California Loses Her Title?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Oh my God, like my title says Miss California Lost Her title?  Imagine that, that was all on CNN since it occurred….Oh the tragedy of it! 

Do you want to know what the real tragedy is Dear Readers?  For months upon months now the real heroes of America, the ones of women and men who have sacrificed their lives in, and for, two ingrate nations….Iraq and Afganistan….we never hear on any news program about the forboding and damnable body count…..do you know the only person who has, I guess, the balls as it were to give the daily count is none other than Nancy Grace on HLN….you know the new CNN subsiduary…is there an implicit or explicit order from the powers that be from military to media to hide the casualty figures so as not to demoralize you, the American people?  Thinking of Viet Nam here….well…I return to my original title…Miss California, that was the number one story today the 10 of June, on CNN….yet not a word about the deaths of your brave fathers, sons, sisters, brothers, children, who served in Iraq….four thousand three hundred and thirteen as of last night….courtesy only of Nancy Grace’s news story….how come nobody but her reports on this?  Well what do you think the real news story is?  What should CNN and all news programming include in their programming updates?  Miss California…pfhhhhhh! big deal!  great bod but no brain……..FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN AMERICAN HEROES!!!!!!!!!!! Yours, Andy from Canada….


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One response to “Miss California Loses Her Title?

  1. michellefrommadison

    Isn’t Nancy Grace of HLN in prison yet for the crimes she has committed against real victims of crimes?

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