Bill Clinton you must be laughing all the way to Haiti!!!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Billy, your number one fan here in Canada, Andy from Ottawa, WOW!  Did Hilary ever loosen your leash this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She’s Secretary of State…so mostly stuck at home…but, all one has to do is look up in sky at night and see if somebody is riding a broom over the moon and one is forewarned that Hilary is going to be there…..Lots of warning for you Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, have a lot of fun in Haiti…my God your collar is almost off…..Enjoy your stay man…you deserve it….and every person would agree with me….do you know you have a fan club even in the Middle East?  I know you do….so, have a lot of fun, and God Bless You Bill!  Obama chose very well!  You are America’s Embassador of Good Faith…Second only to Obama himself….RSVP if you wish Brother!  Andy from Canada….


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