Ontario Justice System now you are wasting your time on gamblers?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, what do you make of this?  With all the crime in Southwestern Ontario and yes, London Ontario too, you’re in there….with all these wannabe Crypts and Bloods, all the missing people that emanate and have not been found in your area, your glorious London Police Force trumpets out loud today on the news that they broke up a gambling den and arrested 13 people for gambling…WOOOOW!!!!!  Wow you really proved our tax dollars are well spent you arseholes….I guess I am going to have to play Monopoly with all my ex-policeman friends in the basement ….phuff…make me sick…yours disrespectfully, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…p.s. watch out for my basement….I got a three pound four year old cat on watch and on guard…meow…hiss hiss


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