Hilary Clinton’s Misfortune…Waaaa!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary…..oh what about poor dear Hilary….she rode her broom towards the loving moon, slipped and she fell…..shattered her elbow….ya she had surgery I heard…..meanwhile the broom kept flying straight to hell, now what is she going to ride…is she going to find another broom….I got an idea….she could ride a segway!!!!!  Anyways what to do with poor Hilary….her husband in Haiti and her stuck home alone…she even had to cancel her trip to Italy and Greece because she couldn’t find a broom in time….hell, I thought she would have racked up at least 60 years of frequent flyer points on her own broom….oh well, I’ll find something else to chuckle about….but I cannot shake out of my mind the image of Hilary stumbling around in those high heeled witch boots…the long black cape dress and the witch’s pointed hat and the big white cast on that elbow….it’s an ugly thought eh?  Yours Andy from Ottawa, Canada…


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