Delicisio Pizza Ad..Man What a Mind Blower!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Delicisio Pizza Guys….you know, you adverstising guys….for two years my favourite ad in terms of intelligence, brilliance and consumer indentification I thought was the Cialis man impotence ads….with Smiling Bob….for two years I roared laughing and honestly I still do….but with this new ad of yours re the garlic bread pizza by Delicisio I have to admit you’ve blown Cialis out of the water….the Goth/Vampire ad is absolutely brilliant!  it’s hilarious to watch and believe it or not I’m a 54 year old university graduate, ex-policeman, and have done  a lot of bad things in my life and a lot of funny things too….but never in my intelligence (my wife’s says small) could I have ever divined such a hilarious ad…..kudos to you, hopefully pizzas for me!….much respect, congratulations on such fine work….Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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