Melissa Auf De Maur….you don’t need Courtney Love and Hole….Please go Solo!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Melissa, I remember your family well….being a Montrealer I was brought up reading your beautiful father’s writings in the newspapers….I am 54 so you know I’m not you…..I saw a brief news flash that you are not and have no knowledge of a reunion with your group Hole…with Courtney Love….can I say this honestly Melissa?  Courtney Love was never who us guys watched once you came out on video….MTV et all….Courtney Love was the last person we were watching….speaking as a 54 year old man who remembers you well….and, as a male lesbian…LOL LOL….everybody was watching you… on the base and your looks and your talent and your presence and plus us in the know who and where your pedigree came from we were all blown away by you alone….so Melissa, why do you not go solo…..round up three or four good guys or gals and explode onto the scene….you know you can do it….and if a fucking mushhead like me (LOL) can still remember you and vividly so….why don’t you blow everybody away….I’m sick of those green day boys, and all the rest of those sick whimps trying to play rock when you can blow them away in a New York second my love….God, we need you back Melissa…… to you Melissa!  Cheers, Andy from Ottawa…..


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