Perez Hilton…glad you got bitch slapped!!!!!!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Sweetheart Funny Bunny Perez Hilton, you know what?  After the number you did to Miss California which was the only thing that brought your name to my attention, because I never heard of you before, you piece of shit, I’m glad you were bitch slapped….and you know who the bitch was…..You…..and what is especially hilarious is your weeping and crying on TV pointing out to a little tiny bruise, a wee tiny bruise I might add that my own grandchildren would have shrugged off and not cried about….so…here you are….calling the wrong Posse a fag when you are the biggest and most obnoxiously open of them all…..crying like a little sissy because somebody was able to stand up to you…’re not famous Perez…you’re infamous…and like I said, the only reason I know your name is because of your antics concerning Miss California….if I, bitch slapped you, you bitch, your eyes would be in the back of your skull…so thank God you got off lightly you disgusting person….much respect, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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