Perry Dunlop…..Just thinking about you Buddy!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Perry, I know I’m a couple of days early to write your monthly update to remind the citizens out there about you….so, ok, this is my second message for June….believe me July is going to be a ball buster….anyways, I was just thinking and ruminating about all the pervs we still read about or in my case read and see on the news…CNN, CTV, etc. etc. etc……and, I was just wondering how you are doing Buddy?  Send me a post sometime or a personal message…, I hope you are doing well….especially in these days when a perp gets to sue the PD during his lawful arrest but can sue for unnecessary assault blah blah blah……that got me thinking about you today Buddy…..I will close out by saying….get in touch and I do not blame you for a New York second for not keeping up the faith….there is no faith in our brotherhood anymore…..rats among us…rats who are willing to testify against us….those fucking mason ring wearers….ya, it’s been a long time for me….twenty-two years in fact but I’m still a bitter bastard…..anyways, touch base….tell me how well you are doing….because you deserve riches beyond belief and understanding and good fortune… to you Bro…..Andy badge #690 (long retired number – I’m sure they will never re-issue that one)….Andy, Ottawa


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