Perez Hilton….aka Twinkle Toes…Did you hear about Wacko Jacko?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Twinkle Toes, it is 8.25 p.m. EST, so I guess it is 11:25 p.m. your time in LaLa Land….you probably fell out of bed by now after waking up from drug and sodomite induced stupor…do you know that one of your kindred spirits passed away today?  I am sure you have heard of him Twinkle Toes….his name is, or was, Wacko Jacko….aka…the Jesus Juice man…..aka…the Spank your Monkey man….yes….I’m referring to your friend Michael Jackson….I heard he died of a heart attack…I guess as I said on my blog earlier….a naked straight woman probably walked into his bedroom causing the pedophile’s demise…..Twinkle Toes….could you die the same way?  Would you want to die the same way?  or would you rather be a true Greco-Roman bare back rider while you are sniffing Special K?  Oh Wowser!  I knew you would opt for bare back riding….all my love, ya right!….respectfully yours, sue me if want I got nothing….Andy from Ottawa, Canada…XXX

p.s You’re such a cuddly poo….XXX


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