Michael Jackson….I just saw you on Biography…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Michael, I know you are in heaven and I know you are receiving this….yes, me and everybody else in the world except for your sycophants know you were being screwed over…and were indeed guilty on every charge you got off on….but, I never realized how much of a bastard your father…..so called father….Joe impacted and destroyed your life…..for that as a very masculine man I feel very sorry for you….and I understand you a little better….I cannot think of anything else to say….I will never say I am sorry that you passed because that was your destiny and the cards you were dealt…but you did hurt alot of people, alot of children….and businesses all over…that you ran amuck….but I do wish you well and I wish your children so much more and that they will not be three more victims of your insidious and silly lifestyle….respectfully yours, Andy from Canada…


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