Michael Jackson ok…he died…Al Sharpton now on scene? What?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, Ok I get it….Michael Jackson died even though he died as a white man….even though he was born a black man….I guess for the latter Al Sharpton aka Big Pork Chop had to stick his needle nose and rabble rousing (remember Twana Brawley?) and unnecessary self / ego into this ridiculousness……so I say again, MJ ok you are gone…what the hell does Sharpton think he is doing for MJ or his family?  Support?  I think not….he’s just sniffing for trouble….and personally to Sharpton…you’re a goof…you’ve been a goof for over the time that your relevancy expired….I think that is a long time ago Al….so, get off the showboat…go play in your farmer’s field and gain more weight you’re looking rather peaked these days…..and grow your hair back….I loved you when you had the same hair cut as Condeleza Rice….you matched perfectly…..much respect you goof, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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