Ontario Police…re: SIU…Re: Tasers…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Ontario Police, ack ack ack!!!! been one of you, got bought out, after beating my cases in court….only doing my damn job, just like you do everyday….ok, so now I hear the NDP inspired, and can I say, conspired, with all the lefties and the wimps who created the SIU is now again after you…..for using your tasers….damned if you do….damned if you don’t….I used my fists on an unhandcuffed boxer who it took 5 of us to bring him down and I was the skinniest, lightest weight cop in terms of pounds……then, they introduced us to batons, you know the black nyla ones….you know what I mean….and if you knew how to use them like I do, even right now, because I use to instruct the riot team on how to use them….everyone of us would have been charged with murder if we used them…..and as for guns…well forget it….just make sure you shoot your own colour….now they give you guys tasers…..and here we go again…..the NDP inspired and created SIU is looking at you….I repeat Looking at you!  …. I don’t know what to say brothers….maybe do what a lot of my so called brothers in the police force of Ottawa who testified against me including A.Sarault the so called marvel of Ottawa police who ran a swat team for years….anyways…..be careful of the tasers…just do what your brown noser yellow bellied swat team members (hi Al!!!!!!) do….just run and hide…..and let goofs like me doing my damn job take the fall……mind you goofs like me always got the highest arrest records….anyways…..you can tell there is a lot of sarcasm in this and a lot of bitterness….that’s what you get when you have a cop that was burnt unjustly and unfairly….so, tell your sons, don’t become cops….go to school even more than we did, join PETA, join GLADD, whatever it takes…..joined in 1979, hung out to dry in 1987, what a career eh?  so…..stick those tasers up your superiors asses because they won’t defend you when you use them…..Much respect brothers….Andy #690 Ottawa, Ontario……….p.s. if anyone wants to sue me….go for it….I’m broke….you had everything to do with it….


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