Michael Jackson…I cannot believe I’m writing again…but I am compelled by you, you Wiz!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Oh Michael, Michael…..your passing has indeed caused a lot of upheavel….myself….I walk around the house in full view of my wife with underwear over my head singing your songs and going teeheehee teeheehee….on a serious note Michael…..I heard Diana Ross has booked herself into a high tech plastic surgery hospital so that she doesn’t look like you anymore…..yes, I’m serious Michael…especially when today the 01 July, 2009..that CNN released the news that you left her in your will, but left out your own father….as beastial as he was? hey what about a little family solidarity man!  you would have expect that from all of your boys….teeheehee teeheehee……yours, Andy from Canada


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